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…Survey says: We are Facebook Obsessed

Apparently we are obsessed with Facebook! You probably already knew that. A new study of women and men age 18-34 revealed some interesting facts about our Facebook usage. Brace yourselves.

34% of women aged 18 to 34 surveyed check Facebook was the first thing they did in the morning, even before washing their face or brushing their teeth.

23%  admitted they sneak a peek at Facebook during the night,

26% said they get up in the middle of the night to read text messages.

39% of social media users aged 18 to 54 described themselves as “Facebook addicts.”

57% of the women aged 18 to 34 said they talk to people online more than face-to-face

31% said they feel more confident about their online persona than their real life one.

63% of women said they use Facebook as a career networking tool

42% said they didn’t think there was anything wrong with posting photos of themselves visibly intoxicated on the site.

50% of single women aged 18 to 34 said it’s okay to date other singles they meet through Facebook, compared to 65% of single men.

Men aged 18 to 34 are also more likely than females to break up using Facebook – 24% for men compared to 9% of women.

by Lightspeed Research

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