What’s Trending | Goodwill’s Donation Impact Calculator – A Must Try!

I absolutely love how Goodwill manages to stay relevant…

Case in point, the Donation Impact Calculator which can “help people quickly and easily determine the social and environmental benefits of their donations.”

You simply plug in what you want to donate: jeans, a dress, and a pair of shoes, and it will tell you exactly what can be accomplished thanks to your generosity – 21 minutes of career counseling to those in need.

We all know that giving makes a difference, but there is something about actually quantifying your impact that is appealing.

As heard on 105.9 the River. Listen to Gary & me talking about Goodwill here: [audio:http://www.roxannewilson.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/Goodwill.mp3|titles=Goodwill]

My Goodwill story…

I just cleaned out my closet this month. I have five huge black leaves and garden bags full of goodies that are headed to Goodwill. I thought about having a sip and swap with my girlfriends instead, but for me, knowing that the excess I have accumulated (and it is excess) can actually benefit my community, makes an enormous difference.

To try Goodwill’s Donation Impact Calendar, click here…

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