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Where would we be without Forbes ranking every aspect of our lives?

This time its all about stress. The most stressful city in the country is Las Vegas! Yes Vegas Baby.

…I think I’ll be saying “Thank You” a little bit more the next time I go to Vegas

How can it be that the city people rush to for a release just happens to be the most stressful city in the country?  Someone has to run the machine that never stops…enter residents of Las Vegas…the Wizards behind the curtain complain of  “irregular work hours that keep them away from their families, and tensions that result from family health crises”

But Vegas isn’t the only stressful city. Here is a list of the top ten stressful places to live.

1. Las Vegas, Nevada

Metropolitan Statistical Area: Las Vegas-Paradise, NV

High Unemployment Rank: 1

Long Commute Times Rank: 32

Long Working Hours Rank: 6

Limited Health Care Rank: 3

Poor Physical Health Rank: 2

Limited Exercise Rank: 1

2. Los Angeles, California

Metropolitan Statistical Area: Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana, CA

High Unemployment Rank: 7

Long Commute Times Rank: 6

Long Working Hours Rank: 26

Limited Health Care Rank: 2

Poor Physical Health Rank: 1

Limited Exercise Rank: 11

3. Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas

Metropolitan Statistical Area: Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown, TX

High Unemployment Rank: 26

Long Commute Times Rank: 10

Long Working Hours Rank: 1

Limited Health Care Rank: 1

Poor Physical Health Rank: 5

Limited Exercise Rank: 11

4. Tampa, Florida

Metropolitan Statistical Area: Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, FL

High Unemployment Rank: 5

Long Commute Times Rank: 17

Long Working Hours Rank: 10

Limited Health Care Rank: 13

Poor Physical Health Rank: 4

Limited Exercise Rank: 9

5. Riverside, California

Metropolitan Statistical Area: Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario, Calif.

High Unemployment Rank: 2

Long Commute Times Rank: 3

Long Working Hours Rank: 26

Limited Health Care Rank: 6

Poor Physical Health Rank: 7

Limited Exercise Rank: 16

6. Miami, Florida

Miami, Florida

Metropolitan Statistical Area: Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach, FL

High Unemployment Rank: 6

Long Commute Times Rank: 13

Long Working Hours Rank: 12

Limited Health Care Rank: 10

Poor Physical Health Rank: 25

Limited Exercise Rank: 4

7. Dallas, Texas

Metropolitan Statistical Area: Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX

High Unemployment Rank: 30

Long Commute Times Rank: 14

Long Working Hours Rank: 2

Limited Health Care Rank: 4

Poor Physical Health Rank: 19

Limited Exercise Rank: 2

8. New York, N.Y.

Metropolitan Statistical Area: New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island, NY-NJ-PA

High Unemployment Rank: 26

Long Commute Times Rank: 1

Long Working Hours Rank: 20

Limited Health Care Rank: 15

Poor Physical Health Rank: 9

Limited Exercise Rank: 3

9. Chicago, Illinois

Metropolitan Statistical Area: Chicago-Joliet-Naperville, IL-IN-WI

High Unemployment Rank: 13

Long Commute Times Rank: 4

Long Working Hours Rank: 24

Limited Health Care Rank: 14

Poor Physical Health Rank: 21

Limited Exercise Rank: 6

10. Detroit, Michigan

Metropolitan Statistical Area: Detroit-Warren-Livonia, MI

High Unemployment Rank: 3

Long Commute Times Rank: 23

Long Working Hours Rank: 30

Limited Health Care Rank: 16

Poor Physical Health Rank: 6

Limited Exercise Rank: 8

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