What’s Trending | Christmas Roundup


This week alone has had highs and lows, happy and sad tears. Here is the week in picture review.

Relating | When headed to the Airport, Pack Your Kindness


As I headed to the Hamptons, I was reminded how a little kindness can make or break your day…

What’s Trending | Flying Pasties

For just under $20 you can get the Male/Female Packet

Don’t Let Airport Screeners See You Naked…That is the tag line for this new product. With the new Airline Security X-Ray machines rolling out, now you can get Flying Pasties. Simply slip them in your clothes, and all TSA will see are these cute messages…

Daytime Distractions: Potty Phone Free Zone |The Ultimate Lost Airline Baggage

Man on toilet

“What are you doing in there?” He said, “going to the bathroom.” And I hung up… | Well it looks like you aren’t the only one getting your luggage lost on an airline. The Israeli Prime Minister’s security detail lost guns over the weekend…