Rachael Ray’s Feedback Party SXSW 2013

Rachael Ray Feedback Food

Rachael Ray’s Feedback party has been a staple in my SXSW experience. Here’s a look at this year’s menu:

SXSW: The Beatles Complete on Ukelele

The Uke Master

Each SXSW has that performer who takes an in-the-box concept and transforms it into an out-of-box masterpiece. The winner this year: Roger Greenawalt, and creator of The Beatles Complete on Ukelele.

SXSW: Rachael Ray Wedding Proposal

Rachael Ray's Feedback Party

You expect to see music, films, interactive crazy and celebs at SXSW.What you don’t expect to see is this…

TV Behind The Scenes | At Last My Liquidation Channel Hosting Reel

Roxanne LC 2

I’d love for you to watch my Liquidation Channel reel and pass it on to those you know to watch too…

True Confessions of SXSW | I’m Not Actually a SXSW Artist

Jimmy is looking to showcase new artists on his show

Warning: What you are about to read is a glimpse into my dark side. I was bad at SXSW. Daniel wanted sunglasses bad but it became clear it was for artists only.