I finally decided what to give up for Lent

I had to nix the 40-day Vegetarian inside of me because I was more attracted to the guaranteed weight loss (a la Carrie Underwood) and less focused on the spiritual benefits…

What’s Trending | Christmas Roundup


This week alone has had highs and lows, happy and sad tears. Here is the week in picture review.

Dancing With The Stars – For a Cause


Some might say that the you have to have kids to love them or to understand their value in society. I say pish posh. I don’t know if my blessings include children of my own, but I have the ability to support the children of my community.

Relating | “Operation Beautiful” Alive in Austin

Posted on a dressing room mirror of a Walmart

If you didn’t know already, I totally heart my girls…Last week I challenged them to participate in Operation Beautiful. Take a look at their handy work…May this brighten your day!

You are Never Too Old For A Scavenger Hunt!

100pts A picture of the valet and entire team IN and around a car — Every Team did this!!!