What’s Trending | My Fall Music Playlist Pt1


I couldn’t go into Labor Day without switching gears musically with a new playlist. Here are five songs you need to listen to this week…

Songs of the Summer Part 5 | New Songs Hotter than 100+ Degree Weather

More songs to get you through the hot Summer… Usher is back to the ballads and it’s better than OMG!

Songs of the Summer Part 4 | Love and Hope

I don’t know maybe its because July a month of weddings, hope and love, but the sappy ones of all speeds are grabbing me right now. Listen and see if you agree.

5 Songs to Make Your Summer Sizzle

summer music

My music senses were a little dormant last month. But last week my music senses were suddenly stimulated for the Summer. The culprits? B.o.B. and four fabulous others…

Top 100 Female Songs of All TIme


Hummingbird100 came out the with the 100 best female songs of all time. No surprise, topping that list was…