Your Shoes Tell A Story…but do you like the story they tell?

shoe story1

Shoe Cobbler: Whoa girl! Where are you going so fast? Your shoes tell your story…

It was supposed to be a typical Saturday…yet somehow I’ll never be the same

Sitting in my car waiting for the detective, I took a picture. Proof that this wasn't a dream.

No! Please let this be a mannequin, a blow-up doll…something left over from a wild night out. But NOT an actual human. Do Something. You need to Do Something.

Life is not about being right…And that sucks!


“It’s not about being right. Being right doesn’t matter in this world…Take your licks.” I told her. She was incensed! What? “Why do I have to always take the high road?”

To Life, To Life, L’Chaim…

La Chaim

Last night: I didn’t go out, I didn’t stay home, rather I went to my college friend’s Grandmother’s birthday party…