Fitness Flash | Jazzercising with Westwood High Pacesetters

Westwood Pacesetters

When you watch the video, you will see they dress up a la ’80s for the big event. Too funny. Needless to say they got a workout.

What’s Trending | Christmas Roundup


This week alone has had highs and lows, happy and sad tears. Here is the week in picture review.

Fitness Flash | Farewell Jazzercise…

Me and some of my fellow Jazzercise instructors. Shout out to Jeri, Rodney, Andrea, Trish and Linda (not pictured)

They say when you gotta go, you gotta go. And I gotta go.

My face betrayed me twice and what happened next was no bueno…


My face betrayed me twice! I wanted no reaction and instead I stinky face and smiley face…From now on, I’m wearing sunglasses and a face mask!

You Won’t Believe What Has Become My New Delight…


Walking in and discovering my favorite item on the menu was gone! The Kiwi Berry Burner is gone!!! Long gone. And yet they made it for me anyway.