This is My Story

My Story

A few months ago, my church Riverbend asked me to share “My Story.” Would you believe this was actually harder to do then host a 2-4hour live television show?

One Last Retreat

Leave a Legacy

Once upon a time I promised a group of girls I would be their mentor until they graduated. Now I stand here realizing that My Girls are about to leave me.

Have you ever felt like you’ve lost your way?

lost girl

I plugged it in my Google maps search and the location was not found. But good old fashion bread crumbs (manna) got me back on track. Manna comes in different flavors.

I finally decided what to give up for Lent

I had to nix the 40-day Vegetarian inside of me because I was more attracted to the guaranteed weight loss (a la Carrie Underwood) and less focused on the spiritual benefits…

Luck Schmuck | Lessons learned from Playing the Lottery


The last time I played the lottery was when I was little–once in a while mom would let us play. But I was ready to try something new…