Fitness Flash Week #52: Mountain Climber

Mountain Climbef

52 weeks of fitness. We’ve climbed the mountain together. It’s only appropriate that we do Mountain Climbers to celebrate!

Fitness Flash Week #46: Bow & Arrow

Bow & Arrow

We are two weeks away from Thanksgiving. I fully intend on eating…A LOT. That’s where these bits of burst workouts come in handy.
This week we work the shoulders, abs, obliques, glutes and hips.

Fitness Flash Week #35: Arm Buffer

Arm Buffer

It’s still warm enough to go sleeveless and you want your arms to look fabulous all year round. So let’s get them toned with the Arm Buffer.

Fitness Flash Week #33: Ballet Buns

Ballet Buns

Ballet moves are getting a lot of buzz lately for there ability to tone your core, glutes and legs. In honor of that and the benefits to our body,try the Ballet Buns.

Fitness Flash Week #29: Triangle Push-Up

Triangle Pushup

I have avoided Push-Ups, but they really do need a place in Fitness Flash Weekly. These are wretched!