Romantic Movies. Truth or Fiction

Confession time, I am a dreamer and I maybe even a bit of a romantic  (ok more than a bit, but I don’t like to dwell on it). So naturally my favorite type of movie is a romantic one. My favorite songs are ballads (love the monster ballads). And I must admit that at times I hope(d) I would be swept off my feet like the ladies in the movies, or that a man will be ‘manly’ they they always are in my favorite flicks.

So naturally this article knocked me down a few notches! Eek…

Romantic Comedy Themes That Don’t Work In Real Life

Sure, you know it isn’t real. You know that Matthew McConaughey isn’t going to waltz into your life anytime soon…
(he isn’t? Do you know where I live? I run into him around town!)

and yet, when you pop in the latest romantic-comedy DVD you think, “Wouldn’t it be nice?”

The thing is, romantic comedies usually convey unrealistic ideas about love and relationships …and real people just can’t measure up (not even you!).

Here are some romantic-comedy ideas you should probably toss out the window:

1. You have a fated soul mate — (Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, Serendipity)
The reality: People who believe in fate tend to give up on relationships sooner.

The fix: Focus on creating the right relationship with your guy, not finding Mr. Right.

2. Deception is easily forgiven — (Never Been Kissed, She’s All That)

The reality: It’s often not the misdeeds but the deception that hurts.

The fix: Be honest with your partner — you may see things very differently, or need to find a way to stay on the same page.

Okay, I am picking up what Women’s Health magazine is putting down. That seems like common sense. But when I think about MY favorite Chick Flicks, I want to believe they are possible.  Here are a few lessons from my favs that I refuse to part with:

An unlikely pair can fall in love, learn, grow because each other, stand up for each other, and dance like nobody’s business.  (Dirty Dancing)


I love this movie because Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze) sees the beauty and character in a Francis “Baby” Houseman, and likewise she sees it in him, despite what others say and do. I choose to believe that this could happen.

A man is willing to save a damsel even if she is a stranger. (The Wedding Planner)

Despite the fact that I love this movie for all of the outfits. I love that Matthew McConaughey ran into the road to save J.Lo. from getting hit by the moving dumpster. I choose to there are men out there that would save a woman without even thinking twice. And if they happen to fall madly in love then so be it.

And here is the big one!

A man and woman can fight about something, may even breakup, but aren’t to prideful to come back, say they are sorry. (Practically every romantic comedy out there)

Other than that, I am concede that they aren’t romantic comedies aren’t completely realistic but as a single woman, they are a nice, needed distraction from the dating reality…but that is better left for another blog!

What lessons have you learned from romantic movies that you like to believe in?

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