Let’s Get Real… Beauty Hurts

Yesterday my things to do included my eyebrows. Ah eyebrows. If eyes are the window to your soul then eyebrows are the gatekeeper of that window. Seriously if your eyebrows look ridiculous, no one looks at your eyes, your smile, or your face.

I was blessed with big eyebrows in a time period where thin eyebrows were valued. And so in college, I started waxing my eyebrows. A little bit of pain and a lot of gain. Right?

You hold you eyebrow done so they can tug!

Fourteen years later my eyebrows are thinner than I like and I fill them in with a brown pencil. I wish my bushy eyebrows would return! Have you seen Kim Kardashian’s eyebrows? There is a lot you can do when you have a lot to work with.

Two months ago I left waxing for threading. They say it gives the stylist more flexibility to sculpt your brows. My hope is that my hair will grow back eventually with the threading.

So yesterday I went in for the third time.


At least with waxing it is a quick rip rip. Threading takes more time…is more precise, and you have to hold your eyebrow in place for the threaded. Which means you are actively assisting in the pain.

As I sat there telling myself it was worth it, I thought to myself:
Ladies we go through so much pain…self-induced pain. And I’m not even talking about when we foolishly date a jerk.

I’m talking about waxing and tweezing. I’m talking about my tenth grade girls who nick themselves two or three times every time they shave their legs (do you remember those days?)

Or women who Botox, face lift, tummy tuck, etc.

Where and when did we cast the lot where we would endure the painful while men enjoy the hairiness and aging of life gracefully?

Let that marinate while I make my next threading appointment…

What beauty regimen do you participate in that frankly hurts?

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  1. ann says:

    is the photo in you the one with a person threading your eyebrows?

  2. liz says:

    I’m racking my brain for something I do that’s painful…. I just tweeze my eyebrows and use creams for things that COULD be painful. The only pain might be extractions during a facial?!

    Or could breastfeeding count?? That helps in the weight loss process and is one real reason to do it (aside from that whole “it’s good for the baby” thing.) :D

  3. Connie Miller says:

    I’ve started seeing an anesthetist in hopes of building up some collagen in my face/neck area so that I won’ t have to resort to Restilyn down the road, but the IPL treatment also got rid of lots of sun damage and is working on some hair removal, too.
    Hurts like crazy, like intense pulsed light would be expected to, but there’s no residual discomfort so you just hang in there until the session is over.
    I think it helps that the two sessions I had also coincided with a trip to the orthopedist for an intensely painful shot in my foot. Comparably, the shot was worse!

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