Cooking with Susie Davis…seriously


This is the loaf that I shaped. No joke!

I know it’s this thing that a lot of people do. In fact it is something my mom and sisters do…me? Not so much.

I was always following my dad around growing up…rarely did I watch my mother in the kitchen. So now, at 31, I can legitimately say that I can’t cook.

There was that one time in Jr. high where I made chocolate chip cookies all by myself. I cooked them on a, what is it called, a slotted cooking sheet? And it dripped in the oven causing bits of fire bursts.  The only person who ate it besides me was my mother. She ate it despite the egg shells and lack of form.

I don’t like to do things I am not good at, so I left the kitchen never to return…

Everyday I am tempted to use my oven as storage a la Carrie Bradshaw…

My dear friend and former co-host Susie Davis on the other hand, can totally cook. She shares recipe upon recipe and people eat it up! (Literally and figuratively.) In a moment of weakness the idea of her teaching me how to cook sounded good to us both.

Either Susie knows me well enough to ease me into it or this is the way her cooking classes are, but truth be told, I watched and drank wine more than I cooked. I bet that is her sneaky way of getting me hooked. Susie is all about the total experience.

We made asparagus, chicken with some type of marination (I can’t stand the sight of raw chicken, so I watched through the fingers covering my eyes), bread and buttermilk pie (a staple in our world since Carrie Underwood had it at her wedding).

I washed and broke asparagus in half, mixed the bread ingredients together, kneaded the bread, formed a loaf, mixed the pie crust and filling, and set the table. Not bad for 101 eh?

The food was delicious but I have to give Susie the props.  The bonding was priceless, even with her cat present.  Who knows, maybe I will try recreating the tasty goodness we cooked last night… Nevermind, I can hear take out calling!

Buttermilk pie a la SuRox (the X is silent)

What is your favorite dish to cook?

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  1. liz says:

    Y’all are impressive! And she didn’t start you out with the easy stuff either. Way to go hard or go home!! :)

    • roxanne says:

      Well thanks! The other option was tomato soup…and not the Campbell’s kind either. Like peeling the tomatoes!

  2. Susie Davis says:

    Hee-larious. And if that’s take-out calling, simply don’t answer the phone. SuRox!

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