Confession…This Girl-On-The-Go Changes in Her Car

Was that an overshare? Is that illegal? If so what are the statue of limitations on it?

It’s true! I do. There are days when I leave my house in the morning and have three different outfits in my car that are appropriate for my day.

Here is an example of a Girl-On-The-Go Day

  • Meeting with Client at coffee shop
  • Host a show on The Liquidation Channel
  • Teach Jazzercise to teach Fab Ab/Pilates Class
  • Meet up with friends for a drink

At a minimum there are four different outfit changes in that day. And sometimes that change happens in my car. Not while I’m driving, but in the parking lot.

Why am I like this?

I blame being a competitive swimmer for 10 years. We mastered the deck change. Granted I was smaller and more limber, but I still do it.

One day I will invent a privacy screen. But until then…

Here’s the key:

  • Find a spot in the parking lot that isn’t heavily traveled
  • Turn your car the opposite way of the road
  • Hurry up!!!!
  • When you get out of the car, don’t forget to adjust.

One day I’ll have to share my list of girl-on-the-go necessities when leaving in the morning of a busy day.

Today I’m off to the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders to speak, Meeting a Client, and then A Christmas Party for my 10th grade ladies. And yes there may a car change.

I’ve confessed. Now its your turn. Are you a car changer?

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  1. Kelly Jones says:

    Great Blog Roxanne! I have fallen in LOVE with the Everyday Pants I bought at Lucy — they look like black dress pants, but are truetek, have pockets and are beyond comfy! They get me through the day of appointments and being “on-the-go” and into my Pilates classes. This decreases my “outfit changes” to only 1 change after Pilates if I am heading out (and I can change at the studio).

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