Hair Saga: A New Untwisted Hair Style

Untwisted Hair

I know it might seem minor for some, But it is major for me. I tripped into a new hair style.

Spring Pedicure Time

Sparitual Greens

I am finally breaking down and getting my spring Pedicure.

My Accidental New Hairstyle: Double Strand Twist

Double Strand Twist

Quick hair update today. I had an unexpected breakthrough…the double strand twist.

Hair Saga: That’s Right I Went in Public Froified

Fro Hair 1

I actually left the house with an exposed fro yesterday. No flower, headband, nothing. Just Naked Fro!

Hair Saga: From Kinky to Curly in 6 Steps or Less

Hair Map

People have been asking me about my new hair regimen. What am I using? Here we go…